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UN Agenda 21 Story


Game Fish Bill Threatens Employment Crisis for NC Commercial Fishermen


House Bill 983 was introduced in 2013, after a similar attempt failed to get out of committee in 2011.  It is ill-conceived legislation reserving 3 types of fish (Red Drum, Speckled Trout and Rockfish) exclusively for the fish-for-fun fishermen by outlawing the harvest of these fish by their competition, the commercial fishermen.  If passed, it brings our state a step closer to outlawing fishing nets – how in the world can commercial fishermen be expected to keep from catching a few illegal fish when pulling in nets of seafood


The consequences of this bill would lead to a devastation of the commercial fishing industry and its associated communities in North Carolina as law-abiding citizens struggle to survive against yet another blow to access to the natural resource in our public waterways.  This is exactly what has happened in other states (Florida, Texas and Louisiana) which are now devoid of the proud heritage of commercial fishermen and the healthy food they have produced since the early settling of America. 


Further, this bill outlaws restaurants and markets from selling these fish to fish-loving consumers unless imported from other states or countries.   Imported!  How does that help NC revenue?

This bill appeals to people who think commercial fishermen are raping the oceans of fish when in truth they care more than anyone, even the “environmentalists”, about maintaining healthy fish populations. 


A handful of very well-funded game fishermen use their cash to convince legislators that stopping competition for fish will increase their yield, which they view as more valuable to the NC economy.  Not so because the federal government limits all fish harvests for both commercial (who catch few of these fish now, mostly via bycatch) and game fishermen (who catch the greatest majority of these fish already, by far).  The bill adds not one fish to the ocean.  The economics the game fishermen use to sway politicians are cooked numbers.  The figures cited count all imaginable sources of revenue for leisure fishing while the only source of revenue attributed to commercial fishermen is landings. 


It’s about greed and control. 


Other provisions in the bill include $1.0M to compensate the commercial fishermen for the loss of their livelihoods (see, the bill admits it!), $1.3M to pay for oversight of the commercial fishermen to ensure they get caught if they catch the forbidden fish and a scheme for paying for necessary dredging of the Oregon Inlet.  The funding portions create the provisional piece of the legislation that keeps the bill alive past the General Assembly cross-over date. 


So far the NC House has mixed support for the bill, as does the NC Senate.  Letting it languish in committee will guarantee it surfaces again.  This bill has stubborn support by the wealthy game fishers.  It needs to be voted down, handily, and never surface in the great state of North Carolina again.


This bill bears earmarks of UN Agenda 21 in that it reduces the self-sufficiency of a significant portion of the population; redistributes wealth from an existing working class through lost jobs, fines and penalties by giving seafood production to foreign entities and further controls unhindered access by consumers (free markets) to a healthy and otherwise accessible food source through excessive government oversight.