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Mattie Lawson of the Outer Banks Tea Party not only provides a template for composing your own stories about Agenda 21 in your community, she chronicles how out of control government is devastating the lives and property values of citizens of the outer banks.




Biscuits and Bullets Thu May 2nd at 9 am in Manteo

Join the OBX TEA Party at TL's Restaurant in Manteo at 9 am Thursday May 2nd for Dutch treat breakfast and then travel to the OBX Gun Club north of Stumpy Point for some social shooting, weather permitting. Note there is a fee at the club for non-members. For more information about the OBX Gun Club go to

Our regular OBX TEA Party meetings are held twice monthly: the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 6 pm at His Dream Center located at 205 E. Baltic in Nags Head.

Mattie Lawson


National Day of Prayer Thu May 2nd at Noon

The first Thursday in May each year is set aside for the nation to pray in unison for our nation's military, families, media, government, churches, businesses and education. The 62nd annual National Day of Prayer is Thursday May 2nd. It will be held at noon at the Dare Center in Manteo located by the Justice Center.

The theme this year is "Pray for America". The scripture verse is Matthew 12:21 "In His name the nations will put their hope."

I am grateful for the honor of giving the introductory remarks at the event on behalf of Liberty Christian Fellowship this year.

Learn more about The National Day of Prayer at

Not just America but the whole world needs to kneel in prayer and repent as every evil thing today is being called good and good is being called evil.

Mattie Lawson


Personal Stories About UN Agenda 21 Requested

A new initiative has been started by Feet to the Fire in Wake County to follow-up on what became of the resolution against the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (UN Agenda 21 or A21) approved unanimously at last year's NC State GOP Convention. The initiative includes a petition, a letter and a collection of personal stories about the damaging influence of A21 on law-abiding citizens in each of the 100 counties of this state.

Using the letter below as a template, please, complete your own personal story to be included in the package. These stories will be used to convince our legislators and NC GOP leadership that Agenda 21 is more than a threat but a thriving cancer that is devastating our state through the covert theft of our unalienable rights to the use of our own private property, through the redistribution of our wealth via regulations/taxation, through the reeducation of our youth marginalizing self-sufficiency and our founding principles and by forced depopulation under the guise of helping to save the environment - among other things. If you are read up on Agenda 21 you recognize the effects we've learned to live with. How do we slow down this international monster that has usurped our US Constitution so our children and grandchildren can have a future they can look forward to?

For more information about Agenda 21 go to or Google "Agenda 21" and you will be overwhelmed with evidence that we've been deluded for years.

Send your personal story to me at or mail a hard copy to Mattie Lawson 904 Clipper Court in Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. I will see that it gets into the package. YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED BUT USED FOR FOLLOW-UP ONLY.

Sample 1-Page Personal Letter About the Influence of UN Agenda 21 in NC



Title: July 2013 Flood Insurance Rate Hike Has Potential to Devastate Communities

The federal government has subsidized coastal flood insurance for homes and businesses since the 1960’s when private insurers refused due to increasing costs and rising risks. Along with the scheduled 5-year renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) implemented by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), the Biggert-Waters Insurance Reform Act of 2012 violently removes the subsidies over a 4 year period. Removal in itself is not a bad thing for those of us with conservative-leaning principles because it reduces government involvement in what should be a free-market issue (insurance). However, the implementation will have a severe immediate, unprecedented impact on the economies of low-lying communities across the nation.

Buried in the Act is not just the end of tax-payer-funded subsidies but also 1) it redefines risks based on FEMA’s as-yet-unspecified data and flood maps based on new flood maps which may consider a disputable 39.5” sea-level rise, 2) it mandates pay-off the huge debit incurred by NFIP (Katrina, etc.), 3) it creates a cash reserve of 1% by imposing an additional 7.5% fee over a 10 year period and 4) it does not require a needed overhaul of the questionable management practices that contributed to the financial disaster within the NFIP.

The effects of this Act will be felt across the entire nation starting in July 2013. Most property owners are totally unaware and unprepared for premium rate hikes speculated to increase dramatically. Many will be forced to walk away from their properties.

Property values will plummet for those in high-risk areas. Properties never subject to flood insurance will now have to pay huge premiums. Communities will lose workers unable to afford to live in the neighborhoods where they grew up. Communities will lose their tax base. Supply chains will be altered. Individuals will be added to the government dole by the thousands. Because this is an act of the federal government, state governments, unable and/or unwilling to recognize their own sovereignty, will be helpless to assist communities accommodate the many impacts to their citizens. There is no economic remedy for hapless citizens in the Act other than a mention of possible financial help for minorities.

This Act demonstrates how quickly and easily the naïve American people can be made to be totally vulnerable to an over-reaching government sold to UN Agenda principles: placing the rights of the collective over the individual, redistribution of wealth, resettle population in urbanized areas, regulations based on phony science, increasing fear of the government, bankrupting wealth-generators and federal government trumping states’ rights.



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