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Personal Property and Government Overreach


Personal UN Agenda 21 Story

Submitted by:

Mattie Lawson for Anonymous Source


Title: 2011 Irrigation Pond Oversight Regulatory Overkill


Owners of an unnamed peanut farm in Northeast North Carolina decided to build an irrigation pond to help maintain their crops.  The owners discovered that they were not allowed by law to build the irrigation pond on their own property without obtaining a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers and contacting three different government agencies:

  • Federal Soil and Water Conservation

  • State Soil and Water Conservation

  • County (minor involvement)


After obtaining the permit, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued the final permit and provided oversight. The Corps told them what the size of the pond was limited to and did finally allow them to use the dirt on their own farm, but they could not sell the dirt.  It performs on-going regular inspections. The owners were told if they did any changes to the irrigation pond, the authorities would come back and fill it back in.  Period. 


This overregulation demonstrates how totally vulnerable our lawful farmers are to an over-reaching government sold to UN Agenda principles: placing the rights of the collective over the individual, redistribution of wealth, control over the food supply, environmental regulations based on phony science, increasing fear of the government, bankrupting wealth-generators and federal government trumping states’ rights. 




Live your beliefs,

Mattie Lawson


·         "The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government." - Patrick Henry