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UN Agenda 21 Story

We Can Buy Grocery Products and Save the Planet!

A visit to our local grocery shows the influence of “green” processes and products that are supposed to “save the planet”.  When a manufacturer promotes products using claims that are contradictory, overstated or not related to the product itself, the motivation is money, not the environment.


There’s money to be made by using the right buzz words nowadays.


Naïve buyers find green claims as reason enough to purchase products even when they cost more and even when the claims are unreasonable and/or unproven. Feeling self-righteous about it is an earmark of UN Agenda 21 (it is up to us humans to pay for the damage we are doing to the earth).  Who gets the money?  That’s another story.


“Sustainable” is a fundamental A21 term that means humans (because we are the only creatures that damage the environment and we don’t belong here) can’t use whatever it is (usually our own private property or public resources) until sometime (or no time) in the ‘way off distant future and by the way it will cost more money from us humans to “save it” than to use it.


You decide: any of these claims listed below from a single trip to the local Food Lion have you scratching your head?  Can you decode the claims?  Do the claims encourage you to part with your hard-earned cash so you can be a hero that saves Mother Earth?


Sampling of Products                                                                          Printed Claims


Green Shield Organic Mixes                                     Greenology protects the planet

Wave Jet Dishwasher Liquid                                     Earth Friendly product

Earth Friendly Creamy Cleaner                                  Earth Friendly product

Orange Plus                                                             For the love of the planet

Earth Friendly Stan Remover                                      For the love of the planet

Earth Friendly Shower Clean                                      Sustainable planet

Ultra Dishmate                                                          Earth friendly

Fruit and Vegetable wash                                           Earth-friendly

Truvia                                                                        Sustainability

Korma                                                                       Sustainable community gardening

Green & Black White Chocolate                                   International Fair Trade Agreement

Wyman’s of Maine berries (berries from Chili)       Recommended by future generations, commitment to sustainable agriculture, for the health and welfare of generations to come, values shared by our farming partners around the globe,


Woodstock broccoli                                           World-wide organic farming

So Delicious Non-Dairy Ice Cream                       Support the sea turtles, sustainable agriculture

Cedar Lane Enchilada                                         Plant a tree

Green & White Tea                                             Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Celestial Seasonings                                          No string and tag to save more than 3.5 million pounds of waste from entering landfills [never mind the oversized packaging and unnecessary interior wrapping paper], commitment to doing what’s best for the environment, sustainable harvests, dedication to our planet