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To ensure the elected do what's expected

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A suggestion on how to proceed.


By design, Agenda 21 is a complex, pernicious plan to undermine your unalienable rights.  If you are just beginning, we suggest reading--in order--the tabs below. When finished, you will have a reasonable enough knowledge to educate others. Unless they are complicit, you should be able to persuade your legislators.


Click the following tabs in order


1. "A primer," an overview of Agenda 21.

2.  "Where we are now" by Mattie Lawson.

3.  The "A21 stories" tab of just how Agenda 21 has affected citizens.

4.   Many of our legislators know nothing of Agenda 21, and it is our duty to educate them and demand support and legislation protecting us against against this assault on our unalienable rights under the constitution.

5.  The "UN says almost done" tab is frightening. It shows just how much of A21 has already been implemented in the U.S.

6.  Click "Regionalism." In too many instances, Regionalism bypasses your elected representatives.

7.  That's the basics. To learn even more, click "Agenda 21." There is much more information there.


When you are ready to meet with your legislator, we suggest:

1.  Printing the personal stories on the "A21 stories" tab and anything else you think effective.

2.  If you like, email us, or click the "Contact Us" tab and ask for the stories as MS Word attachments.

3.  Click on the "A21 Petition" tab. Read and print the resolutions and petitions passed at the NCGOP convention by Pam Stevens as well as the other documents that demand legislation against Agenda21. These documents will be helpful when you meet with your legislator and should become the basis for a plank in the NCGOP platform. Order pamphlets especially designed for legislators at 


4.  Convince your legislator of why anything that smacks of Agenda 21 is not in their constituent's interest.

5.  When he/she initiates or supports legislation against Agenda 21, vote for them! If not, don't!



FEEDBACK: After you have visited your representative, please share your experience with FTTF so we might establish a metric. Use the "Contact Us" tab or email as you wish.