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To ensure the elected do what's expected

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How FTTF got started


Feet to the Fire began in November 2010 at the conclusion of the mid-term elections. The first cadre were activists that worked to assure conservative candidates were elected. Having done that, everyone realized the necessity of making sure the candidates just elected remained faithful to what they represented and promised during their campaigns. Since then, FTTF has grown to over 3600 citizens that pay attention to the events in their local, state and Federal governments.


We were just getting organized when the obscenities of the 2010 Lame Duck Congress hit us.

Frist it was the FOOD ACT, and OBAMA CARE. Then it was DREAM, START, DADT, all when people were getting ready for Christmas, guests, holidays—hardly a time when major legislation would be proposed and pushed through by a CONGRESS THAT WAS JUST VOTED OUT BY ONE OF THE LARGEST MARGINS ever! We were just a few then, but FTTF worked just as we envisioned: bottoms up—not top down.


FTTF began with Republicans and Independents working the neighborhoods and polls to elect conservative candidates. Now, we're a little of everything and reaching out to everyone that will pull together for a big win in 2011 and 2012.
It will take everyone working together to make sure our elected represent WE THE PEOPLE, and not just special interests groups.