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An American Invocation

From the earliest moments of the American experience – dating back over 400 years ago - Divine Providence was central to daily and to public life.  Our Founding Fathers enshrined that understanding in the Declaration of Independence, in their civil proceedings, and in their writings.   With the unalienable rights from our Creator on the one hand and private property on the other the bulwarks for American liberty were established in the structures of the Constitution. 

There was never any question as to whether religious conviction informed public policy –until the last 50 years.  And while there have been contentions on this question since the post-WWII period, we in fact welcome Divine Providence into the public square. 

In the ancient and the early modern world oaths were held to be sacred trusts as binding as any law or contract.  Our Constitution affirms the use of oaths.  Abraham confirmed an oath with Melchizidek King of Salem, and with his neighbors when he was a stranger in the land of Canaan.  Soldiers and priests and kings took oaths.  Later democratically elected mayors and governors and presidents took oaths.  Police, and soldiers and doctors take oaths. 

Elected leaders must take heed to the oaths they take to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the US, the laws of the states or the ordinances of the local governments.  Elected representatives will be judged by the oaths they take.  This is important in our venture because our sovereignty, constitution and local autonomy are under attack on a scale not seen since the communist revolutions in Russia and China.  It will be seen how private property – the great bulwark of all liberty - is under attack.

And here is where public oaths by our leaders and diligence by our citizens can have a definitive impact – we can defeat Agenda 21 in our own back yards.  It is in our power.  In the presentation to follow it will be evident both as to why there is danger and why oaths still matter - to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the people.

And because the impacts on our laws and way of life are so vast, we indeed invoke the favor of the Living God especially as we engage in our civic affairs; because “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord;” and we humbly apply to God for the wisdom to attend to our civic duty with honesty and with diligence.  Amen. 

James Hardesty