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Another reason to vote against B Corp for NC


Gentlemen: President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, Senate Majority Leader Senator Harry Brown;

Speaker Thom Tillis, House Majority Leader Skip Stam;

Legislation authorizing Benefit Corporations has come before the legislators of Illinois, Florida and Pennsylvania and was rejected for very good reasons: Their citizens and representatives understood that such legislation gives undue advantages to businesses that promote the principals set forth in Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development but is not in the best interests of their constituents and constitutional government.

Consider for a moment the advantages SB 26, North Carolina's Benefit Corporation Act, will give B Corporations promoting Agenda21/Sustainable Development:

·         They will immediately go to the front of the line for government grants that promote Agenda21/Sustainable Development.

·         The "Green" façade of such businesses facilitates a subterfuge attracting potential clients to their businesses rather than their non B Corp competitors. In order to compete, this will encourage non-B Corp businesses to apply for the same status promoting Agenda21/Sustainable development.

·         By its seemingly benign structure, B Corps, by design, have an advantage over their non B Corp competitors. This fact alone encourages others to apply for B Corp status and, by design, promotes a resulting multiplier effect.

Seemingly totally un-noticed when considering this legislation:

·         North Carolina Republicans rejected anything to do with Agenda 21/Sustainable Development by incorporating, with standing ovation, an anti Agenda21 resolution to the platform of the NCGOP.

·         Only this month Alabama passed a state law rejecting Agenda 21/Sustainable Development understanding it was not in the interest of their citizens.

·         Please use your good offices to withdraw any legislation that promotes B corporations or Agenda 21/Sustainable development policies.

Agenda21/Sustainable development is an attack upon everything dear to Americans, and B Corps are just one more of the subterfuges to eventually undermine our sovereignty. If any of you gentleman would like know more about Agenda21/Sustainability, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Louis Stannard