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United Nations Agenda 21 Story


Title:  The Administration of the Federal Government under Barack 0bama Has Core Beliefs At Odds with Freedoms Granted By the US Constitution


Derived from “Cold Open”, an article by the Weekly Standard.


The most interesting thing about President Obama’s problems is that they aren't "scandals" in the usual sense. Consider three examples of serious Constitutional breaches facing Obama today. 1) With Benghazi we find multiple layers of cover-up and lies involving all levels of the Federal Government and the State Department.  2) Then there are the denials by the Justice Department about acquiring phone records from reporters.  3) Lastly, the IRS has acknowledged targeting conservative groups for special scrutiny. Really special scrutiny. As in, asking groups about the content of their prayers.


So what's uniting these stories? None of these cases are "scandal" in the normal sense. They're simply a mode of governing. They are examples, actually, of deep belief. There is no sense of shame or of having broken trust with the American people. What we see is a belief that the ends justify the means. A belief that the other side must be delegitimized.  A belief that, except during election season, public opinion is beside the point.


Upon questioning, the operatives would likely have explained how they were helping the greater good.  This sort of fervor is far more worrisome than mere scandal. A rogue is a rogue and every administration has its scoundrels. True believers are something else


An underlying principle of the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century is that the collective has rights above the individual and that the state has the right to alter the rights granted to citizens at will.