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To ensure the elected do what's expected

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Different people work best doing different things

Monitors and Researchers

Some people don’t like to write or speak on the phone, but are very adept at “surfing the web” and spotting critical data. Some monitor a particular representative or bill. Others do research. Their input is important as many times they ferret out important items others miss. These are FTTF’sMonitors and Researchers.


Everyone has their favorite places for monitoring the political scene. Here are just a few that will help:



Some writers do their own research. Others use bullets supplied by Monitors and Researchers saving valuable time. Both work fine. Civitas wrote an effective primer that works well as a check list before and after writing on a subject. You can download it at their website.



Generally people persons: Before calling, it’s usually best to draft some pithy bullets that even the most obtuse staffer (that’s whom you generally get) will understand.

Types of communications

  1. The letter
  3. Email directly to the legislator’s office—usually by email form on a website.
  4. Fax
  5. The personal phone call
  6. Personal contact—rare unless you know the legislator.


All have pros and cons. Most have your personal favorites. A few words:


  1. The US postal letter is still very effective, but slow if timeliness is a factor such as was the case during the infamous Lame Duck Congress of 2010.
  2. is good, but as most of you know it employs zip code discrimination. I.E., if you are not in the legislator’s realm, many will discriminate by zip.
  3. Email direct to the legislator is effective but in some cases also suffers from zip code discrimination.
  4. Fax: I find this to be most effective as it is very fast once you get the knack. I can reach many using personalized communication in very little time. MYFAX.COM allows you to use your computer for composition and forwarding as a fax. No traditional fax machine or paper involved. $10.00/month 100pgs. Free trial. Very effective.
  5. The personal phone call. You will almost certainly speak to a staffer whose whole function in life is tallying pros and cons for a particular issue. Still, very effective.
  6. Personal contact. Best, if you know the legislator.


Your choice. You will find what works best for you.


Patriotism requires action!

This is a hard copy outline of our online primer. It’s to show you who we are and how we accomplish the FTTF mission. If you get involved, Donna will send you the online version that has many example letters, faxes and emails.


Make sure you pass the online version on to everyone on your email list.

One more very important thing: Ask everyone on your email list to get registered, vote, and in turn pass the FTTF online primer along to everyone on their list.


Forward your letters

Besides writing a cogent letter to your representative, remember to send a copy to When we visit a representative, we can present them with a plethora of member involvement.


The FTTF House Party as an alternative or a supplement to canvassing

A St. Louis Tea Party activist wrote an article called the BLOCK CAPTAIN REVOLUTION. FTTF has adopted the model and calls our version a House Party that works similarly to the MEET and GREET.


1.It revolves around a central theme: usually a speaker or a movie on conservative issues.

2.It generates a contact list of people who want to help keep their representative’s FEET TO THE FIRE.

3.It generates activists who in turn volunteer to have their own House Party leading to a multiplier effect. It doesn’t require canvassing.


Here’s why FTTF works

1. Potential activists, (PA’s), aren’t intimidated by the prospect of knocking on doors or making the dreaded cold call.

2. FTTF puts the PA to work immediately as a Monitor or Researcher with nothing more intimidating than their computer. PA’s immediately feel their efforts are making a difference.

3. A member can work as much or as little as they want and still help keep a Representative’s FEET TO THE FIRE.

4. It’s an activity that educates and keeps one involved during the whole year—not just the election cycle.

5. Perhaps most importantly, FTTF activists are more informed on the issues, and as such affect not only the process, but become go to people for less informed citizens.

6.Most importantly, FTTF members will most certainly vote.



That’s it! We are always learning, so send your comments.