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A must do anti-Agenda 21/Sustainability strategy: Completely disassociate the United States from the totally corrupt United Nations. 


All of you understand that the real goal of Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is to control every aspect of your life through the subterfuge of extreme environmentalism. Now, with Black Thursday's Supreme Court ruling, many suggests that the federal government and its minions have the ability to tax behavior. A great day for "Sustainablists," because if true, that aspect alone facilitates enforcement of regulations arising as a result of Agenda 21/Sustainability by taxing every perceived infringement.


If indeed a 'tax on behavior' becomes the norm, we should double down on our efforts to educate our legislators and stop not only the tax on behavior, but Agenda 21/Sustainability everywhere confronted. More importantly, we should immediately put new emphasis on convincing our representatives that the United States should totally disassociate ourselves from the United Nations. Just a few reasons:


•Agenda 21/Sustainability had its genesis within the United Nations. The UN continues to support its worldwide implementation.


•The UN and its members continue to rule against the interests of the United States.


•The United Nations promotes a New World Order, or One World Government that is anathema to liberty, sovereignty, our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.


•The US spent (borrowed/digitized) billions (7.7 billion last year--up 21%) on that totally corrupt agency that continuously rules against the interest of the United States.


•The United Nations supports multiple treaties. None are in our interest: Guns, LOST, Space, Internet, Law, and many more. See


•Corruption within the United Nations is to the extent it cannot be corrected within the present structure--never. Much has been written on just how much corruption has become a part of the UN culture--perhaps the newest, and best treatise on the subject is Dick Morris' new book Screwed.


Let there be no mistake: there are multiple institutions within our own government that are complicit in their desire to weaken the United States to the extent we are a third world non-power under UN control. To these entities, our adoption of UN treaties and continued membership in the United Nations is essential to facilitate that goal.


Regardless of ‘Black Thursday,’ we have had several legislative victories in recent months: Alabama has new law forbidding Agenda 21/Sustainability in that state. The North Carolina Republican Party incorporated an anti-Agenda 21 resolution in its platform at its recent convention. Other states have done so as well. Multiple states have rejected or tabled legislation that would have allowed Benefit Corporations. We can't abandon those efforts, but we simply must totally disassociate ourselves from the United Nations.