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North Carolina must have protection against foreign law


Alabama, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee either have, or are in the process of creating meaningful anti Agenda 21 legislation. All have planks in their platform and indeed, our national GOP platform “strongly rejects” Agenda 21. Here’s the extract:


“Because of our concern for American sovereignty, domestic management of our fisheries, and our country’s long-term energy needs, we have deep reservations about the regulatory, legal, and tax regimes inherent in the Law of the Sea Treaty and congratulate Senate Republicans for blocking its ratification. We strongly reject the U.N. Agenda 21 as erosive of American sovereignty, and we oppose any form of U.N. Global Tax. We oppose any diplomatic efforts that could result in giving the United Nations unprecedented control over the Internet. International regulatory control over the open and free Internet would have disastrous consequences for the United States and the world.”


In that so many of you were instrumental in introducing and passing by overwhelming majority a resolution to stop Agenda 21 during last year’s NCGOP convention in Greensboro, it is not surprising that you are asking, “where is North Carolina’s legislation?” Several groups across the state are working together to get the answer to that question, and here is what you can do to help:


1.                   Write out your personal story of how Agenda 21/Sustainable Development* has or is affecting you, a fellow citizen, a business or your community. We really need to hear from all 100 counties in North Carolina. Don’t wait! Email your stories to or send signed hard copies to Mattie Lawson 904 Clipper Court Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948. 


One page or less preferred. Suggested format: a) your name/company or group name, physical address, and contact information (personal and contact information will not be published but may be used to validate and for follow-up), b) short title (e.g., <who or what> <action or result> <against who or what> <dates or timeframe>; c) brief summary paragraph; d) 1 – 5 paragraphs of facts explaining what was done and why, if known; e) photos or illustrations, if available; and f) current status of situation <loss of rights, costs, legal abuses, political collusion, successful counter-action, etc.>.  Include recommendations or lessons learned, if any.


How to identify UN Agenda 21 or international law/one-world government influences in your neighborhood, business or government?  See typical threats below:


§  Education: Indoctrinate children that the group is more important than the individual. Diminish innovation and critical thinking. Dumb down education is to learn “values” not facts. Students must become global, not American, citizens.  Marginalize the contributions of the founding principles and US Exceptionalism. Delphi method for group “consensus”. Rewrite history.

§  Equity: Theft of private property/rights. Open borders. Remove God, morality and personal responsibility. Criminalize normal behavior. Tout social justice (equal results despite personal effort and choices). Control guns. End self-sufficiency. Collect data.

§  Economy: Redistribute America’s wealth by outsourcing. Governance not government.  Regionalization. Print fiat money. Drain economy to put more people on government dole.  Run up costs unnecessarily to harm taxpayers.  Government take-over of private business.  Interference with free markets. Tax everything.  Fear of the government (IRS, EPA, DHS). Forced unionization.

§  Environment = Nature is more important than man.  The new god is Mother Earth. Phony science creates phony regulations destroying energy independence and Industry. URGENT: humans destroy the planet at an un-repairable rate.  Depopulate now via abortion, death panels and euthanasia. Contradictory regulations (kill one species to aid another).  Control over food supply, fiber and housing.  Limit transportation choices.  Funnel government spending to “green” jobs. Reward dependency.


Please do this as soon as possible! If we are to persuade our legislators—many who won’t even admit that A21/SD exists—we will have to SHOW them how it is affecting all of us.


2. We are in the process of creating a WHEREAS E-petition and will send it to all of you for your consideration and signature in the next days. If you agree, we ask that you add your name and return to the address above, but don’t stop there: send it on to your fellow citizens and ask that they too sign. Return to Mattie with a deadline of 1 June 2011, in time for the 2013 GOP convention in Charlotte.


After we have collected your stories and your signatures, we will then visit our representatives and demand the anti-Agenda 21 legislation that thousands of our delegates commanded at the last NCGOP convention in Greensboro.


All of you that have studied this scourge over the years realize it’s not just a subterfuge wrapped in green interlocking “E” circles, it’s about billions of our dollars for just the right stake holders: it’s about control of our lives, it’s about our unalienable rights, it’s about our property rights and a gross usurpation of our Constitution. It has got to stop, and it’s got to stop with legislation, and it’s got to stop now!