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Of Cats and Sheep


Tea Party and real conservatives are often characterized as being like cats. They can’t be herded. It’s their greatest strength and at the same time their greatest weakness.


To a person, activists are self-starters—successful in life and career. They generally depend on themselves, family and close associates for success, but they are predisposed to lead—not follow; it’s in their DNA. All are deeply patriotic (and almost certain to be audited). To a person, they believe in the constitution and the wisdom of the founders.


On the other hand, the left’s—and Democrat leaders—mimic shepherds and border collies.


The shepherds are the politicians and money interests—products of higher education molded by years of indoctrination by the canons of hard left academia. Many are Marxists, abetted by a media that has lost its franchise on the 4th estate. Then there are some whose only creed is money and power through politics: They use the tools of government largesse nowhere to be found in the enumerated powers: public private partnerships; stakeholders in government programs. More recently, they are part of Wall Street where the new ethos is “privatize the gains and democratize the losses.” And don’t forget unions and other special interests groups. Many don’t think about the Constitution at all except as something that’s in the way of achieving their goals: that’s the leaders, or shepherds.


Then there are the border collies—the community organizers if you will. They are the ones who actually herd the sheep and do the shepherd's bidding.


For my example, Limbaugh characterizes the sheep as “Low Information Voters.” They are motivated by class envy, identity politics, pop culture and the free stuff. They do exactly as told—those border collies snapping at their heels until they are in their pens and voting as told. Deny it as they will, they are herded just as a Tea Party and conservative activists cannot.


But therein lies the Tea Party’s dilemma: They are terrible at networking for common purpose. Often times they duplicate effort—each cat doing its own thing. A present example: Tea Party X makes calls to their senator, but has no idea how many calls were made, or if anyone in the “Gang of Eight” was called by their group. There is no coordination with other Tea Party groups diluting everyone’s potential effectiveness.


Worse, the left, and the RHINO’s, and the Gang of Eight know there is no coordinationof effort encouraging them to ram through unconstitutional, pork laden bills that rankles even the squishiest of Republicans to the detriment of the entire country! And so they get away with it.


So here’s an immediate challenge to all of you: Find a shepherd in your group capable of herding your independent thinkers—not for everything—just when coordination (like now) is essential. Empower your shepherd to get in touch with other shepherds. Before the end of this week, make it a common goal to:


  •         Develop a plan of action. Connect and act. Divide up who calls whom. Pummel not only your own representatives, but that “Gang of Eight” with coordinated phone calls and emails saying border first, or no bill! Keep track of your calls and share with other groups.


  •         When you call, make it crystal clear that your group will vote against and attempt to primary anyone who votes for this bill.


We aren’t the first to have this problem. Just think of George Washington trying to herd disparate militia groups into an effective army. They gave cats a good name!


If we citizens are to regain control of our country there is much to be done that requires coordination: legislation, Agenda 21, Common Core, candidates, fund raising—so much more. But right now, start herding your cats to stop that immigration bill. Don’t wait! Start talking to other groups to maximize your effectiveness. Now!


Louis Stannard