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Petition Opposing the Influence of Foreign Law on North Carolina Citizens

May 2013


Whereas, the North Carolina General Assembly has generated no legislation effectively opposing foreign law, in particular international law, which aims to replace, augment, overthrow, influence and/or otherwise impose restrictive, economic and/or cultural burdens on our citizens, government and industry who in good faith expect to be protected by our state and federal Constitutions; and,


Whereas, the influence of foreign law is being promulgated by a) newly created vague zones of accountability, regulation and enforcement known as Regionalism which runs at odds with our established local, county, state and federal government structure and by b) replacing elected officials with governance (authority transferred to new non-government organizations(NGOs)) funded by taxpayers through federal agencies and/or local governments duped by “pay now or the earth will be damaged for future generations forever” claims, and,


Whereas, foreign laws have already usurped the inalienable  individual rights of North Carolina citizens as shown by the attached personal stories that give witness to actual sufferings inflicted by state and federal laws and regulations influenced by foreign law as law-abiding citizens try to live out their daily lives (overly burdensome and overlapping permitting processes, reliance on flawed or contradictory data, religious persecution, over-taxation, fear of government, dumbed down education, destroyed wealth generators, weakened self-reliance, demonized opponent refusing to “go along”, collective vs. individual rights, disregard for private property rights, etc.) and are part of this petition; Delphi manipulation, etc.); and,


Whereas, the attached documents, “North Carolina Deserves Protection from Foreign Law,” and the RESOLUTION OPPOSING AGENDA 21 Approved Unanimously at the NCGOP 2012 Convention in Greensboro, NC”, specifically express opposition to the United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century (UN Agenda 21) and are part of this petition; and,


Whereas, UN Agenda 21 is a well-documented political strategy adopted in 1992 by the international community (including the United States) to convert sovereign nations into a lock-step one-world collective through a series of benign-appearing treaties and soft-laws funded by a) taxpayers through grants awarded by like-minded elected leaders and by b) private foundations and non-elected, corporate and cultural national and international leaders within “the elite” circles); and,


Therefore Be It Resolved, that the names of the North Carolina citizens on this petition demand that our elected North Carolina legislators craft and pass meaningful legislation immediately to protect us from foreign laws that deny the individual inalienable rights granted by the North Carolina and US Constitutions.


If you support this petition, copy and paste this letter into an email. Then type in your name and county below this petition, and send to


If you prefer, type, sign and send by regular mail to Mattie Lawson 904 Clipper Court KDH, NC 27948 . Groups, please forward to your mailing list and have each respond to as above.



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