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Many have found that Publius Huldah's commentaries on the Constitution make it easy to understand the Founder's original intent. With her economy of words, insight, diction and scholarship she makes it easier to understand exactly where the real power comes from in this most important document of all times.


For a complete list of Publius Huldah's teaching on the Constitution and the Federalist papers, go to her website at:


Here, I have linked to several most informative talks given by Ms. Huldah:



Here Publius Huldah demonstrates that all federal gun control is unlawful as outside the scope of powers delegated to the federal government.... 


Publius Huldah schools Tennessee Attorney General on the supremacy clause



Publius Huldah on Islam and Multiculturalism Part 1

Publius Huldah on Islam and Multiculturalism Part 2

Publius Huldah on Islam and Multiculturalism Part 3

Publius Huldah on Islam and Multiculturalism Part 4