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Reflections of a Southerner

Associated Press = All Propaganda


   So, what's wrong with the AP being another propaganda outlet for the "LEFT" ? As a collective news source, it is used by thousands of local papers and news outlets, as their primary source of news information.


   Anytime we see a reprinted article with the initials (AP) instead of the writer being identified, you can be certain that the propagandists of the LEFT have applied their version of censorship to the article.


   FIRST comes the headline which is worded to lead the reader to an inaccurate conclusion. For most readers who scan read by glancing at the headlines and going no further, this method is very effective at shaping opinions away from the facts.


   IF we actually read the article, we see that the text of the article often belies the wording at the top. Many papers, devoid of any journalistic effort, use this (AP) service extensively and then, deflect any criticism by deferring to the AP as it's source. The AP will then deny bias by citing how many newspapers are a part of their association. Not a bad racket as long as they can get away with it.


   Every newspaper has several examples. The heading on the front page says, "Some conservative Senators come out in support of expanding background checks" The article, found on page 5, qualifies a "conservative" as someone who has the endorsement of the NRA. Anyone, with a brain larger than a pea, knows that the NRA endorses politicians who vote for NRA / 2nd Amendment positions, NOT their conservatism! The article also identifies some of these "conservatives" as Democrats. Wouldn't it be nice if such persons existed over a broader range of issues?


   The next AP story describes the President's budget with the Headline, "Spending cuts, Higher Smoker's Taxes". The reference to further taxing smokers is obviously a safe tactic and a smoke screen. There are no spending cuts in this budget! For example, he proposes changing the way that Social Security increases are calculated and that may mean a lowerincrease somewhere in the future but, no one's monthly payment is being reduced a dime. To propose a reduction in some future growth of spending is to duck the tough decisions that need to be made today. Its always slick to pass the decisions to a time when you wont be in office any longer. With his budget proposals raising our national debt from 16 Trillion to 25 Trillion over the next ten years ... for the AP to describe this as spending cuts is more than careless journalism, its bald-faced lying.


   Another clear example of bias is the AP's coverage of employment data. The same numerical facts are treated differently depending on whether it is under the democrat administration in Washington or a GOP administration in the state.


   The lists is endless. Just pick up any newspaper and look for the (AP) All-Propaganda seal. Is it any wonder that the pollsters are finding such gross ignorance among the people polled ? And, is it any wonder why candidates of character and principle are having trouble attracting a majority of those being herded to the polls on election day? This one-sided approach is another reason newspaper subscriptions are declining and the encapsulating of ads and flyers is the only reason the remaining papers are still being put out on the street.


   Let's hope that print journalism will make a comeback for all of the right reasons; dependable news with correct details devoid of propaganda. Its still true that those who will not read have no advantage over those who cannot read.


Mike Armstrong

Rocky Mount