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From April 9, 2013

If you prefer to view as a PDF click here.

Resistance Advances in California

  • Knockout Tool (free download) (Question the reasons for A21/sustainability implementation in your area).

  • A Tale of Two Cities' Successes

  • One Bay Area Legal Issues to be Analyzed

Knockout Tool

Newly elected Councilman, Mike Munzing of Aliso Viejo, California arranged and processed 244 questions regarding the Green City Initiative and submitted them to the Planning Director. Many aware people contributed to the list of questions. The Planning Director was stumped and the plan foiled. Protect your town from Agenda 21 policies and use the questions to hold your public officials accountable. See more of the story below. Click here to download all 244 questions.

A Tale of Two Cities' Successes

The people earned a moral victory in Danville, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) and achieved their objective in Aliso Viejo, CA (Orange County) when they spoke out concerning local programs implementing Agenda 21. The battles will continue and are set to expand.

In Danville, CA, Heather Gass expertly revealed the Agenda 21 One Bay Area plan (OBA). Ms. Gass presented information in a series of Danville Town Halls. On Tuesday, March 19th the City Council considered implementation of OBA requirements for Danville, including the establishment of government controlled high density stack and pack housing. Danville is a single family residential community of 48,000 along I-680 just east of the San Francisco Bay, but part of the 9 county 101 city, City-State, known as One Bay Area. Despite a massive overflow of objecting residents at the City Council meeting, an arrogant City Council voted unanimously to implement One Bay Area in Danville.


Local politicians in the City of Danville beat to a drum other than that of the town's residents and the dictates imposed by a system of limited government. So now activists are reported to be investigating City Council recall and/or a voter initiative negating city compliance with ABAG's (Association of Bay Area Governments) regionalistOne Bay Area plan.


In Aliso Viejo, CA newly elected Councilman, Mike Munzing obtained a two week continuance on March 6th of a "Green City Initiative" (GCI), a 106-page blueprint for implementation of local Agenda 21. Munzing had never heard of this massive Green City Initiative until the day before its intended silent adoption. The plan was produced by FORMA, and EARSI Inc. at a taxpayer cost of $400,000. During the two week delay, Munzing arranged and processed 244 questions regarding the Green City Initiative and submitted them to the Planning Director. The continued hearing was held March 20th and drew the largest turnout in city history. The citizens protested the Initiative. The City Council unanimously killed the plan, avoiding the necessity of staff answering the questions and absorbing the people's wrath. But...staff was directed to extract from the plan those provisions made pursuant to the 'requirements' of California's Assembly Bill 32. A second challenge looms.


People everywhere can gain from the powerful 'answer the questions' strategy that exposes Agenda 21 policies in the making at your town's city hall.

One Bay Area Legal Issues to be Analyzed

Freedom Advocates and Democrats Against U.N. Agenda 21 have hired counsel to comment on the One Bay Area/Plan Bay Area. The comment period ends May 16th. Counsel's review will focus on Constitutional, Natural Law and statutory violations brought by the plan and may certainly lead to litigation over the framing of Regional government and the taking of private property use throughout the Bay Area.


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