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In the last months, NC citizens have become increasing aware of the possible health hazards and  privacy concerns being visited on our state by power companies and Smart Meters. 

Florida and California have been at the vanguard of the Smart Meter fight. Just recently, Florida activists have graciously provided FTTF the links below to bring NC citizens up to speed with a treasure trove of their's and other's experiences with this very large piece of UNAgenda 21's ceaseless onslaught to control most everything in our lives.


Here's the first installment compliments our friends in Florida.

(This is Orleans book)


(Read articles #2 & #5 from Pathophysiology Reports)


(German Doctors report on patients becoming chronically ill)


(A whole bunch of information)


(Smart Grid information)


(Article on fire hazards and risks)


(Good informative article and website measuring RF waves)


(New problem with Smart Meters and Dirty Electricity)


(Multiple meters kills tree)