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We’re all Progressives Now!



An article and “5,” a new book by Frank Roche

A discussion


Nancy Clark’s Conservative Women’s Forum highlighted two recent but separate articles/books that are different but of particular interests to conservatives looking for leadership capable of saving what is left of the country and our constitution. One is an article by Pat Buchannan: WHY THE REAGAN DEMOCRATS DEPARTED . The second is “5,” a well-written, economics book by Frank Roche that identifies FIVE structural U.S. policies that will, unless changed, result in our demise.


1.      Buchanan’s article tells us that Republicans have become part of the problem rather than the solution, and they are paying for it in spades. An extract:

“In 1972 Nixon would win 49 states. Ronald Reagan, backed by his “Reagan Democrats,” would win 44- and 49-state landslides.

Yet since Reagan went home, Democrats have won the popular vote in five of six presidential elections. The New Majority is history. The Reagan Democrats have departed. What happened?

Answer: For a generation, when forced to choose between Middle America and corporate America, on NAFTA, most-favored nation for China, and free trade, the GOP establishment opted to go with the Fortune 500. In the GOP the corporate conservative rides up front; the social, cultural and patriotic conservatives in the back of the bus.” But that’s not all!”

2.      In Frank Roche’s New book, “5,” Frank identifies five structural problems contributing to the demise of America


U.S. Immigration policy

U.S. International trade policy

U.S. Fiscal policy

U.S. Education policy

U.S. Regulatory policy


Frank is spot on: written and supported by progressives from both parties, these policies are killing us. A few:

Immigration policy: Unconstitutional. Ignores laws already on the books. Now supported by the gang of eight including four Republicans/Tea Party representatives: Rubio R, McCain R; Graham R; Flake R;

International trade policy: Replete with support from traditional parties.

Fiscal policy: the same

Education policy: A debacle. For starters, Jeb Bush, probable a presidential R candidate, Supports Common Core.

Regulatory policy; as implemented, largely unconstitutional—routinely ignores congressional oversight. Unchallenged by any of the three houses or the fourth estate.


As if the two were of the same mindset, Roche exposes the same problem through the eyes of an economist. Using easy to understand charts, graphs and succinct explanations, he drives home just how such wrong headedness in all five policies is killing business and the job market to the advantage of a few at the expense of the rest.

Frank’s premise is further supported as Buchannan goes on to say:

“Consider who has benefited most from Republican-backed globalization.

Was it not corporate executives and transnational companies liberated from the land of their birth and the call of patriotism?

Under the rules of globalization, U.S. corporations could, without penalty or opprobrium, shut their factories, lay off their U.S. workers, erects new plants in Asia, produce their goods there, and bring them back free of any tariff to sell to consumers and kill the U.S. companies that elected to stay loyal to the U.S.A.”

Buchanan supports the argument:

“No longer committed to a particular place, people, country or culture, our largest public companies have turned globalist, while abdicating the responsibility they once assumed to America and its workers.”

Citing Joel Kotkin’s work, Patterson adds, “the worst offenders are Apple, Facebook, Google, the high-tech firms secluded in Silicon Valley, a dreamland where the information age glitterati make Gilded Age plutocrats look bourgeois.”

Google has five times GM’s market capitalization but employs only one-fourth the number of GM’s American workers. Steve Jobs’ Apple has “700,000 industrial serfs” working overseas.

Since we bailed it out, GM has become “General Tso’s Motors,” creating 6,000 new jobs in China while shedding 78,000 U.S. jobs here.

While leaving out McCain, Graham, Flake,  “Marco Rubio today leads Senate Republicans in doing the bidding of corporate America, which, in payback for its campaign contributions, wants amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens.”

Agribusinesses need more peons. Restaurant chains want more waitresses, dishwashers, busboys. Construction companies want more ditch-diggers. Silicon Valley demands hundreds of thousands more H-1Bs — foreign graduate students who can be hired for half what an American engineer might need to support his family.

“Merchants have no country,” said Thomas Jefferson. “The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”


We do better locally, our newly elected Republicans having made a great start (mostly) at overcoming 140 years of Democrat maleficence. But it’s not enough:

It comes down to this: The straight party ticket is no longer an option. Progressives permeate all parties leaving to each of us the responsibility to understand each candidate’s position: How he/she voted—was their vote constitutional or simply politically expedient.

For starters, make sure present and potential candidates:

·         Understand those five structural problems that are killing our country. Consider sending a copy of “5” to each.

·         Submit to iCaucus vetting. If they don’t, ask why?

·         Understand and defend their constituents from Agenda 21 of which Common Core is an essential part. Use the summer to speak with your representatives so that they are ready for the next legislative session. Use the FTTF online training at

·         For Common Core, use     Go the minute :56 where Karen makes the connection in